Reconditioning, Sharpening, Balancing

I will personally hand sharpen your shears bringing the edge back to a new condition. For shipping: I recommend putting your shears in a padded envelope. You can get one of those from Walmart or any shipping place. Also, you can wrap your shears with a paper towel to keep them from coming open on the way to me. If you need an envelope I will send you one for no charge after you pay with paypal. I will pay to ship your shears back to you regular mail. If you would like any special options for shipping please include the extra amount it would take for the service you would like. If you would like for us to insure your package when we send it back to you then please select how much you want it insured for. We pay for regular return shipping. I have a one business day turn around on mail in shears (this is subject to change). We do take checks, but we will hold the order until it clears the bank. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Please note: There are some shears that may be damaged or pitted that can not be sharpened to a like new condition. If I can not restore the edge then I will of course not charge you for sharpening them.

Please click here to learn more about the sharpening process.

Reconditioning, Sharpening, Balancing
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